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Performed work on replacing old CNC and controllers

Repair of old equipment is often impossible due to lack of spare parts, loss of software or parameters, lack of documentation and technical support of the manufacturer's factory. In the event that the state of the machine is satisfactory and only the control system has failed, the only reasonable solution is to replace the old machine control system with a new one. The remaining operable parts of the machine remain in their original form.

Modernization of machine tools

Модернизация промышленных станков в ЭстонииOwners of equipment are usually interested in the optimal balance of price-functionality-quality. We try to optimize the cost of hardware equipment.

However, a significant part of the costs is also the design, programming and adjustment of equipment. In our opinion, the costs of all this should be balanced. Formula for success: 25% project + 25% hardware + programming 25% + adjustment 25% = 100% reliably working machine.

The task of modernizing the machine can be accomplished in various ways. Our specialists will help you with choosing the best solution for you to upgrade your equipment. You can get acquainted with the options for upgrading machines using equipment from various suppliers by clicking on the link below.

Completed work on the modernization of machine tools =>


Installation digital readout devices

Installation of digital counters in EstoniaWe install systems of different manufacturers, we select cheaper analogs for replacement of faulty measurement systems. For machine tools with manual control, a sampling resolution of 0.005 mm (5 μm) is usually sufficient. For CNC machines, a higher accuracy of 0.001 mm (1 μm) is usually required.

The classical execution of linear measuring systems ("rulers") in the form of a glass scale placed in an aluminum box is not always suitable for individual applications (for example, working in an oily medium). Then solutions based on magnetic tape or magnetic rod are applicable.

Increasingly popular are systems with absolute readout (the value of the size appears immediately when switched on without moving the machine's organs). To familiarize with variants on installation DRO on various machine tools and with use of the equipment of various suppliers can pass on the link below.

Completed work on the installation of digital counting devices =>


Replacement of old CNC

Replacement of old CNC in EstoniaCNC systems, released 20 to 30 years ago, do not have those rich features that modern models have. The processing speed of the work program has increased.

Have appeared functions of viewing the program for a specified number of frames before they are executed (look-ahead). Replacement of a new CNC on older and slower hardware not greatly increase the processing speed, but reduces set-up time by quickly identifying errors. New systems easily connect to a personal computer and can handle large programs created by CAD / CAM systems, which the old ones are unable to do because of limited memory.

Improved modern interface to communicate  with the operator increases productivity and is attractive for young professionals. Also, new systems make it possible to simplify the electrical part of the machine. Therefore, we recommend replacing old CNC systems with modern ones.

Performed work on replacing old CNC =>

Replacement of old controllers (PLC)

Replacement of old CNC controllers in EstoniaReplacement of older controllers is usually required when they are completely out of order. Virtually always missing or inaccessible to the initial data on the program of logic, and often specific models are no longer produced for many years.

Due to the wide experience of working with different types of equipment our specialists are able to write a new algorithm for the new controller. At the same time, in addition to the controller, it is expedient to replace old relays, contactors, terminals and others.

Performed work on replacing old controllers =>


Renovation of the electroscheme of machine tools

Renovation of the electrical circuit of industrial machine tools in EstoniaThe electrical equipment of old machines usually consists of components that are no longer produced. The wiring and terminal blocks have become brittle from the effects of oil and time. Quite often the equipment is idle due to failures, then searching for a similar part and installing it with fixing and mounting.

During the period of planned repair of equipment, it is advisable to replace entirely the worn-out electrical stuffing of the machine. Small changes in the circuit diagram for replacement with new contactors, relays, motor protection devices, time relays will be required.

New panels with modern installation are made. Installed in place of the old. New technical documentation is produced. Sometimes it is advisable to replace part of the old circuit with a programmable logic controller, which simplifies installation and maintenance.

Performed work on the renovation of the electrical circuits of machine tools =>


Upgrading of old CNC

Performed work on the modernization of old CNC in EstoniaIn the event that the company has the same type of CNC machine tools and a large database of technological programs for this equipment, it is possible to improve the reliability of the old CNC by upgrading them. Typically, a large number of old boards are replaced with one or two new ones. At the same time, it becomes possible to conveniently connect the CNC to the computer, to avoid punched tapes, to reduce power consumption and, consequently, to increase reliability.

For widespread CNC systems for turning lathes of the brand НЦ-31, it is possible to replace it with a new reliable block entirely. In this case, the worker will not need to be retrained to a new management system.

Performed work on the modernization of old CNC =>