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Services in repair and modernization of equipment

Our company repairs electrical parts of machine tools and industrial equipment. We install and replace digital readout system (УЦИ, DRO) on metalworking equipment. We modernize industrial equipment with the installation of new software control systems (ЧПУ, CNC) and modern electric drives, controllers (PLC). We also dismantle and install the equipment. We can restore the missing documentation for the electrical part.

Repair of electrical part of machine tools

Repair of electronics of industrial equipment and machine tools in EstoniaOur specialists have more than 30 years of experience in repairing the electrical parts of various equipment. From museum lamp amplifiers to modern servo drives, from cam control units to operator touch panels.

We repair the electric part of turning, carousel, milling, boring, grinding machines and thermal metal cutting machines. We repair woodworking equipment, sheet metal lines and various types of auxiliary machinery. We also repair various electronic components from industrial equipment.

The first stage of work is the departure and inspection of your company's equipment to estimate the approximate time and cost of repairs. Further our employees order the necessary spare parts and carry out repairs as soon as possible in agreement with the customer. We undertake to repair even the equipment that other companies refuse.

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Installation of digital readout systems

Installation of digital readout systems in EstoniaIn the modern approach to production, digital counting on any equipment is considered to be natural. Until now, there are quite a few old machines that do not have digital readout devices (УЦИ, DRO).

We install new digital readout systems for metal-cutting machines, replace old faults and repair them: cleaning and replacement of seals, repair of DRO, replacement of heads and repair of cables, repair of rotation sensors.

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Modernization of equipment

Modernization of industrial equipment and machine tools in EstoniaThe modernization of industrial equipment can be understood as the replacement of individual components (for example, an electric motor or converter of an electric drive) or a complex replacement of the entire electrical content of the machine.And best yet, and replacement of worn-out and obsolete mechanical assemblies. It is advisable to modernize large and unique machines, the hull parts of which have stood the test of time. An integrated approach involves the installation of a ЧПУ (CNC) system, new electric drives and electrical equipment, measuring systems.

For massively used CNC machines, it is possible to replace obsolete (faulty) systems and relay equipment with modern ЧПУ (CNC). For machines with manual control justified the option of replacing the old Ladder equipment on modern logic controller (ПЛЦ, PLC) c installation of new reference systems and electric drives.

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Installation and dismantling of industrial equipment and machines in Estonia

Dismantling and installation of equipment

Specialists of our company will competently dismantle your industrial equipment. If necessary, they will take apart it. Then they will also carefully assemble in a new place and reinstall.

The employees will perform the necessary commissioning according to the technical passport.

We also deal with the repair and maintenance of lifting equipment in the workshops (bridge cranes).


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Recovery of missing documentation

Восстановление отсутствующей документации промышленного оборудования и станков в Эстонии

Sometimes for repair it is necessary to restore the missing electrical circuit of the equipment or electronic device, the program for the controller, the operation manual (it happens that all at once). This service is not included in the cost of standard repairs, as it takes a long time and requires very high qualification.

But thanks to the great experience of our specialists and the availability of the archive of documentation, such work is possible. Often, this documentation is simply necessary in order to carry out repairs.

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