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Replacing the old CNC


1. Drilling machine with CNC model 2550ОС1

The work on the replacement of the CNC system on the NC200 (Balt-System).

2. Lathe with CNC model 16B16

The work on replacing the CNC system with NC210 (Balt-System) has been performed. Replaced DC electric drive main drive to the frequency converter Mitsubishi FR-A540 and asynchronous electric motor.

3. Heckert CNC milling machine model F400E

Work has been done to replace the old CNC with the new CNC8 from «НЭТ»(Rostov-on-Don).

4. Special 4-spindle longitudinal milling machine Valmet MAC63340bi

Work has been carried out to replace the new CNC system NC110 (Balt-System).

5. CNC Lathe MT400

Work has been carried out to replace the new CNC system NCT201 from «NCT» (Hungary).

6. Milling machine MAHO 600

The old CNC Heidenhain TNC125 system was replaced with a new CNC8 (Rostov-on-Don).

7. Lathe 16А20Ф3С35

Replacing the old CNC Bosch Alpha2 на новое NC-201M

8. Lathe 16А20Ф3С32

Replacing the old CNC 2Р22 on the new NC-210

9. Lathe 16А20Ф3С15

Replacing the old CNC MC2109 on the new NC-201

10. Lathe 16А20Ф3С39

Replacing the old CNC НЦ-31-02 on the new NC-200

11. Специальный расточной станок модели 393МФ3

Replacing the old CNC2С42 on the new NC-110

12. Деревообрабатывающая машина BIMA 500

Replacing the old CNC on the new NC-201