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Repair of Electric Parts in Estonia DRO Installation in Estonia
Modernization of Machine Tools in Estonia Machinery Installation in Estonia


Modernization and maintenance of CNC system, industrial equipment and machine tools in Estonia


Our company specializes in post-warranty service of industrial equipment produced since 1939. We carry out modernization of woodworking and metalworking machines with interchangeable CNC systems  and installment of modern electric drives and controllers.

We have a huge experience in modernizing  machines for injection molding. We repair various presses, sheers (guillotines), rolling mills and others. We have a huge experience in repairing electric parts of lathes,rotaries, milling, boring thermal cutting and grinding machines. Our highly-qualified experts will offer you the best solution for your problem!


In 25 years we have received more than 1487 requests
We have successfully processed 1425 orders

Work experience - more than 30 years

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