Teravikprojekt OÜ

Address - 13620, ESTONIA

Tallinn, Pae tänav 68

Phone (+372) 6-688-457

Mobile (+372) 5811-6055

Fax (+372) 6-331-845

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Modernization of equipment

We are making modernization:

     ● Milling machines

     ● Boring

     ● Grinding

     ● Turning and turning-boring

     ● Woodworking equipment

     ● Rollers and swivel welding stands

     ● Various auxiliary equipment

     ● Presses and scissors


We have carried out the modernization of machine tools:

2552ОС1, Heckert FUW215, 2А656Ф1, 16А20Ф3С32, 16Б16Т1, 16А20Ф3С15, 16А20Ф3С35, 16А20Ф3С39, 16М30Ф3С333, 6М610Ф1, ЛА155Ф30, ГФ2171С5, 1325Ф3, Heckert FU400, 2С163Б, 6У616, КУ553Ф1, 1516, 1Л532, turning-boring RAFAMET, 393МФ3