Teravikprojekt OÜ

Address - 13620, ESTONIA

Tallinn, Pae tänav 68

Phone (+372) 6-688-457

Mobile (+372) 5811-6055

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Repair of electrical part of machine tools

We make repairs of machines:

     ● Milling machines

     ● Boring

     ● Sanding

     ● Turning and turning-boring

     ● Thermal Cutting Machines

     ● Woodworking equipment

     ● Sheet metal cutting lines

     ● Rollers and swivel welding stands

     ● Press-forging equipment (PFE)

     ● Various accessories

     ● Saws

Also we repair various blocks of the industrial equipment containing electronics.


We repaired:

16К20Т1, 16КФ3